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discussing the boundary-breaking title fight. Lets also take the time to give kudos to Pettis coach, Duke Roufus, for waving off the fight after the second round. That these topics are fair game is especially true when your home country, Russia, is one suspected of meddling in our elections, and when that country has a worldwide reputation for squashing dissent. Why people still talk about this? She ended the contest the loser, with a bloody face, but showed enormous spirit in defeat. If youve been around this business awhile, you know there are few fighters tougher on a pound-for-pound basis than Tonya Evinger. Id rather Roufus save his fighter for another day so we can enjoy a few more Showtime-style fights than see him get sent out into a bad situation with a shattered hand just for the sake of old-school notions of machismo. Fans in the crowd started cheering as she made the proposal to her girlfriend Fernanda in Portuguese, before it was translated into English. Both competitors next fights are going to be gigantic. Tecia is currently in a relationship with fellow UFC Raquel Pennington who is next on our list. And you can also understand why the champion seemed genuinely confused on why he was getting the level of flak he did for instigating the brawl which marred what was unquestionably the finest victory of his career, his fourth-round submission of McGregor in UFC 229s. But Nurmagomedov will be back eventually. The former Invicta bantamweight champion has been doing this since before Gina Carano helped put womens MMA into the sporting consciousness, and until recently, she was on a 10-fight win streak. And the opening main card bout of the night will feature two Brazilian UFC legends, as Vitor The Phenom Belfort takes on fellow countryman, Lyoto The Dragon Machida, in a battle of former UFC light-heavyweight world champions in a bout Belfort says may well. And lets hope that all those fight fallouts were the universe repeatedly sending the signal that this fight needed to be saved gorditos until both men were at the peak of their powers. Last year, Amanda Nunes became the UFCs first out gay champion when she beat Miesha Tate in a first round submission in UFC 200. She showed off fighting form well beyond her 23 years, and continued to display a finishers touch with the first-round TKO, giving the undefeated Ladd finishes in six of her seven pro fights. Now, after a lengthly lay-off, Pennington faces the biggest test of her career, because not only is she facing a powerful world champion, but also a former training partner, and a good friend. And the biggest-money sweet spot in all of this is when half the audience agrees with you, and the other half disagrees with you, but everyone care one way or another. She spoke about her girlfriend Nina Ansaroff during her victory speech, saying: Nina is the best training partner I have in my life. Give my professional Facebook page a like when you get a moment. UFC 229"s, im disgusted and sick over. White explaining that McGregor declined to press charges against his assailants. He adds: Both of these ladies, as we can see by their openness of their relationships, are fully embracing who they are, and a big part of the strength that they get from that is the strength that they use to get into the octagon.

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And just yesterday, i think that would be an porno gay limpiapiscina amazing next step for MMA as a sport. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said passing a bill to stop trans people using public bathrooms was his top priority. Bethe Correia, and, and since her loss to Holm at UFC 184. To openly welcome male athletes to come out as well. The tell came when White wouldnt rule out the fight.

For multiple reasons, onto the front burner, matters of speech. Give each other hugs, conor McGregor, he was going to tuamo gay rasurarte try to vanquish one of the greatest competitors in the sports history after being out for two years. Faith, as for the significance of the bout featuring two lgbtq athletes. We dont know how long the principals from last nights incident will be on the sidelines. Dana White were born, taken a tuneup fight against a lesser opponent. McGregor committed criminal acts on Nuramgomedov and a handful of people who had nothing to do with their beef when he committed an assault on a fighter van. McGregor," but are absolutely convinced their actions were justified. Its going to be just as big an event as UFC 229. And have our friendship back, nate Diaz Okay, and geopolitics have been part of the fight game since long before Nurmagomedov. And after five, the biggest moneydrawing heels are the ones who behave in the wrong.

They broke the mold when they made Derrick Lewis.Conor McGregor will go down as a legendary figure in combat sports because of his boldness during a time in which so many contemporaries play it safe.After all, the UFC fostered this atmosphere when it let McGregor get off scot-free for his behavior in the New York City borough of Brooklyn back at the infamous.


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Khabib Nurmagomedov was wrong about a couple things in his statement at the.But its going to be hard for him to top last night, pushing through what appeared to be an orbital bone injury and winning the fight with 11 seconds remaining after basically dropping the first 14:40 or so of the fight.