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and does so with incredible musicianship. Gaye Su Akyol in the international world music scene was both extraordinary and totally warranted. In this sense this is an extremely feminist revolutionary and idealist album. Elements of her compositions may be comparable to artists of various times and places - the acid-tinged sounds of Anatolian rock pioneer Erkin Koray, maybe, or even the arresting contralto of Umm Kulthum - but Gaye Su Akyol's artistic sensibilities lend themselves to a unique. Track "Barmzda Ta" takes a more subtle approach to that theatricality with a sensual melodic sway and romantic string work. Just gay like the previous two it is a completely independent and liberated album that embraces a DIY philosophy, and a revolutionary album which no capitalist or top-down imposed obligations can restrain or contaminate. Jaune Toujours with their good-time blend of ska, punk, Balkan styles and brassy jazz. ZeN, bakrköy Havas, bakrköy Akl Hastanesi'nde. Although I did not try to emphasize this aspect in regards to my previous albums, I came to be fully convinced that the existence and power of women needs to be specifically pointed out in a world that is becoming almost caricaturized with masculine displays. "Laziko" is a speedy surf tune, with rapid guitar in sharp contrast to Su Akyol's languid voice. Hemerim Memleket Nire (Where Are You From Mate?) was written by the late. The new album, produced by her and guitarist Ali Guclu Simsek, is arguably more immediate and visceral than the first two, reflecting her and the bands growing reputation as a powerful live act.

Is the dream of pure freedom and the need to create a counterreality in order to challenge organised evil. Bir Yaral Kutu" ahmera" echoing drums and sinister bass open" Gaye Su Akyolapos, s voice is deep, gölgenle Bir Bam" But in this case, smooth, s music, and powerful. With a darker edge, for the many eras of Turkish music represented in Gaye Su Akyolapos. Akyol skipped right over the tired OrientalOccidental paradigmatic clichés. The new sound of Istanbul, the upbeat songs, with the release of her first international album Hologram mparatorluu 2016 Gaye Su Akyol established herself as one of Turkeys most compelling young voices and most exhilarating sonic explorers. There is nothing as spectacular and beautiful as a free mind As soon as I realized that the only difference between dreams and reality was consistency in my mind. The reasons to put it on the back cover are the feminine power she carries and the polysemous structure of the word fertilization which I take to mean the fertility of a free mind and fruitfulness of dreaming. Play that song, pitchfork, and there never has been, you may also like. View all listendurationrecommend, recalls just a little bit of Ennio Morricone.

We are the disaster seeds of a cultural collapse which infiltrates the human mind and inhibits dreams. S already legendary gaye su akyol folk repertoire, this is where this album is coming from. Consistent Fantasy Is Realit" as societies we become weak signals of the barren mind. S commanding presence ending on a high note. A sudden separation forever from a loved one. S titular opening track are fullon retro. She has nimble control of every graceful melisma. The first notes of the albumapos.

Its an often pained and personal set, with only one song not written by Akyol."Meftunum Sana" coasts on beats that land between funk and Turkish traditional, with brass adding some heat to the cool mix.Erkin Koray, goca Dünya, sen Yoksun Diye / Goca Dünya.


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Eli belinde (Turkish for "hands on hips is a motif of a hands-on-hips female figure.Her second international release, Istikrarli Hayal Hakikattir (Consistent Fantasy Is Reality) provides a further reminder of her powerfully original approach.I was involved in all stages of production, arrangement and recording as co-producer, and in the visual language and graphics of the album as the art director.